Wednesday, January 21, 2009

uh! HFCS the evil guy!

Everyday most of us try to live as healthy as possible by watching our calorie intake, eating several servings of veggies throughout the day cutting out fat, or carbohydrates, etc. What most of us don't even realize is that this highly dangerous and fattening ingredient is present in MOST food we eat now a days. This includes white bread, "natural juices" , even the so acclaimed hearty whole wheat or whole grain and multi grain breads, specially sodas and pretty much the majority of food we consume is loaded with this unhealthy component that our bodies don't even know how to process called High Fructose Corn Syrup. This ingredient is highly dangerous because first and for most is synthetic sugar and second, it is absorbed more quickly than sugar. It enters your bloodstream in a different way than glucose does. Without any help from insulin. It is also known to raise your cholesterol levels and slow your metabolism which in turn means weight gain. So next time you are thinking about popping a soda or buying some supposedly healthy food, think about it more than a couple times and always read the labels....

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