Friday, January 6, 2012

Please avoid starving at all costs!!!!

Hey guys!

This weekend was fabulous, I had a blast at work. I did a lot of outdoorsy activities in Saint Vincent Island of by the Caribbean. One little problem though....The little island was so small that food was outrageously expensive. We had to pay $30.00 for a Margarita pizza and so forth so I didn't eat as much as i needed. Basically, I went by without practicing what I preach. (We are only human after all, hehe) But I am paying the consequences for all the heavy partying and starvation now that I am back at home having a hard time controlling my appetite. The good news is that thankfully I am aware of what my body is doing and understand that I want to eat more, not necessarily because I am burning more calories but because my metabolism has shut down and is preparing for the fight or flight response in case I run out of food supplies again. We've probably heard before about the fight or flight response and I am now a living proof of that...I'll post pictures later this week...Thanks for stopping by my blog :D


  1. Hello from Fitness Malaysia.

    Great site and great advice. Definitely agree with you on this matter. Starving is no way to live.... i know i can't do it.


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