Saturday, August 6, 2011

Stop Obsessing about a size 0 or 2 !

Most of my life I have been pretty happy with who I am, but you know we are all human beings and from time to time I like challenges. I like to prove to myself that the choices I make are truly choices and not just acceptability that I can't be a particular way. So for I while I tried to lose weight. From a healthy weight that was adequate to my height I started obsessing with being a size 2. I tried and tried finally I came down to a size 2 which was a huge change from my usual size 6. Guess what? life started to be less interesting, I started feeling depressed, deprived, and unhealthy. So just think of it as your own happy weight. Everyone has certain range that just feels right. Forget about what everybody else thinks should be. Sexiness is not about being super slender is about character. I am not necessarily saying that if you are obviously overweight and you know it, you are going to feel sexy, but when you have realistic expectations and are honest with yourself you know exactly that sexy is back ;)

Have a great weekend!

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