Friday, April 24, 2009

The truth about trans fats.

Hey guys!

I just read something that really freaked me out. Did you know that the FDA requires food to list Trans fats only it there is 0.49 grams or more? Otherwise food makers can get away with saying that their products are 0 trans fat even if it's 0.49 gr. trans fat.
I know you may be thinking: "Well it's only 0.49 gr. or less, I won't die from that". Well the RDA (recommended daily allowance is 0 gr per day in the worst case scenario 2 grams is about the maximum one can eat in a day. Now if you eat at least three meals that supposedly contain no trans fat but each one contains at least 0.40 gr you will me consuming more than your RDA without even noticing. So from now on even if it says 0 trans fat make sure you read the ingredients label and if it contains ANY FORM of hydrogenated oils pass on the item. Remember trans fats are the worse of them all because it is enhanced in a lab to insure better taste, however your body doesn't brake those fats to provide you energy, it stores them for ever in your adipose tissues!

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